The Family 

Our family of six, Angela and  Casey, our two daughters and two sons, love to play board games, go mushroom hunting, and make big crafty messes.

We are unschoolers, focused on seeing every event in life as an opportunity for education and connection.

Having multiple special needs members of our household has helped us learn to be more inclusive, adaptive in our lifestyle, our relationships, and our permaculture design.

The Farm

Our 1/4 acre system uses permaculture design, incorporating a diverse array of perennial and annual crops in a holistic, organic, productive way to produce food for us and habitat for wildlife.

The Animals

Everything in my garden has a purpose, So that each part connects and enhances the others and improves my harvests. This includes a diverse flock of poultry, honeybee hives, and loads of native bees, birds, and other wildlife.

The Guild

A key element of our design includes planting fruit trees in guilds, which is the permaculture way of companion planting with a central fruit or nut tree surrounded by plants that bring a benefit to us, the gardener, as well as the tree itself.

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